The Halyard Hanger is a great Sail Bag alternative!

Sail Bag Alternative; the Halyard Hanger

Many people love the organization that sail bags provide, but don’t know that there is a great stainless steel alternative which looks great and provides terrific utility.  The Halyard Hanger is that alternative and it is ready to organize your yachts lines in style!

So if your looking for a solution to organize your yachts lines, the Halyard Hanger is a great option.  Its solid stainless steel construction ensures a long service life and it will give your yacht the style and fit and finish it deserves.  The Hanger is polished to a mirror surface, providing a great apperance though also serving a purpose; the smooth rounded surface ensures that the Halyard Hanger will provide minimal risk of snagging on a sailors clothing, or catching a line being operated in the cockpit.  This consideration increases safety and performance as it is one less thing to worry about or slow you down in the heat of a race.  The smooth polished surface also provides a greater resistance to wear and corrosion as there is less surface area and less areas for salt water to stick to and cause corrosion.


We are proud of the Halyard Hanger as a product and beleive you will be happy with the style and utility it provides, to see more on the Halyard Hanger or to purchase your own visit


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