Halyard Hanger Dock Box Organization by KVT innovations: Halyard Hanger, your solution for yacht organization and much more!


This post demonstrates that the Halyard Hanger can do more than organize yacht sheets and halyards…it does a great job of sprucing up your dock as well.  Here are photos of a recent install by a client on a dock box.  As you can see this is a great way to hang your shore power cord or hose.   The Halyard Hanger takes your cords and hoses off of the dock and organizes them in a much safer (and more stylish) manner along the side of the dock box.  The tripping hazard the cords and hoses previously posed is virtually eliminated.  We hope you enjoy the photos and can find the Halyard Hanger useful on your own dock box!

Halyard_Hanger_the_boat_organizer_by_KVT_innovations_Hang_Sheets_yacht_organize_yacht_lines0080_result Halyard_Hanger_the_boat_organizer_by_KVT_innovations_Hang_Sheets_yacht_organize_yacht_lines0065_result Halyard_Hanger_the_boat_organizer_by_KVT_innovations_Hang_Sheets_yacht_organize_yacht_lines0069_result Halyard_Hanger_the_boat_organizer_by_KVT_innovations_Hang_Sheets_yacht_organize_yacht_lines0072_result

Another use for the Halyard Hanger

Another use for the Halyard Hanger


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