The Halyard Hanger is live!






After a long development we are finally able to bring you our masterpiece in organization, the Halyard Hanger.  This month we launched the Halyard Hanger, which is currently available for purchase from our site or, and is soon to be in retail locations.  The Halyard Hanger was designed out of the need for sailors to organize their lines, requiring the need for strength, durability, the need to survive harsh conditions, and importantly to make your boat look good.  The Halyard Hanger does all these things, and proved it could be useful both on and off the boat.

The Halyard Hanger is constructed from solid stainless steel.  It is produced using a very precise investment casting method to achieve the rough shape, it is then machined down to exact dimensions and polished to a mirror finish.  The hanging loop which allows the Halyard Hanger to hold a wide variety of objects is constructed from military spec 550 paracord.  This durable nylon cord was originally used by the US military as the cordage for parachutes, hence the name, but due to its immense strength and durability has become a sought after tool in itself.  The body of the hanger and the loop combine to provide great utility and ease of use in a sleek and attractive package.

Stay tuned for more on the Halyard Hanger!

IMG_3597A photo of the Halyard Hanger alongside its packaging.


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